Is Amazon’s Support for Passkeys a Game-Changer or a Potential Risk?

– Enhanced security: Passkeys can potentially offer a more secure authentication method compared to traditional passwords.
– Convenience: Passkeys eliminate the need to remember complex passwords, making it easier for users to access their accounts.
– Passwordless future: Amazon’s support for passkeys aligns with the trend towards a passwordless future, which may streamline the authentication process across various platforms.

– Adoption challenges: Users might need time to adapt to the new passkey system, especially if they are used to traditional passwords.
– Reliance on other devices: Passkeys often require the use of compatible devices, which could be a limitation for users who don’t have access to such devices.
– Phishing risks: Like any authentication method, passkeys are vulnerable to phishing and social engineering attacks, so users should remain cautious.

Overall, Amazon’s support for passkeys poses potential advantages in terms of security and convenience, but it may also come with challenges related to user adoption and device compatibility. Users should remain vigilant and aware of phishing risks regardless of the authentication method used.


Amazon has discreetly introduced passkey support, joining other tech giants in embracing a passwordless future. However, users may still need to retain their Amazon password for a bit longer. The passkey setup feature is currently available…