Is Apple HomePod’s Native YouTube Music Support a Game-Changer or a Missed Opportunity?

– Improved compatibility: The native support for YouTube Music on Apple HomePod allows seamless integration and easy access to your favorite music streaming service.
– Convenience: You can now easily control YouTube Music playback on your HomePod using voice commands, creating a hands-free music listening experience.
– Expanded options: With YouTube Music support, HomePod owners have a broader range of music streaming choices, in addition to Apple Music and other supported services.

– Limited target audience: The overlap between HomePod owners and YouTube Music subscribers may be quite small, making this feature less impactful for many users.
– Alternative solutions already available: Users who wanted to play YouTube Music on their HomePod could have used alternative methods, such as streaming via AirPlay, before the native support was added.
– No free tier support: Since YouTube Music’s free, ad-supported tier is not currently supported, users will need a YouTube Music Premium subscription to utilize this feature on HomePod.


HomePod owners and YouTube Music subscribers may now find a pleasant surprise in the compatibility between Apple’s speakers and Google’s music streaming service. The Venn diagram of these two groups may not overlap much, but those who use both can now enjoy a better integration between them.