Is Apple’s Continued Exploration of Health Capabilities in Vision Pro a Game-Changer or a Cause for Concern?


– Potential game-changer: Apple’s exploration of health capabilities in Vision Pro could revolutionize the way mental health problems are diagnosed and treated.
– Convenient monitoring: The ability to monitor health through a headset could provide a more accessible and convenient way for individuals to track their well-being.
– Technological advancement: Apple’s continued innovation in health technology demonstrates their commitment to pushing boundaries and creating cutting-edge products.
– Increased awareness: By incorporating health capabilities into their products, Apple could raise awareness about mental health and encourage discussions on the topic.


– Privacy concerns: Monitoring health through a headset raises questions about how personal data is collected, stored, and used by Apple.
– Reliability and accuracy: The effectiveness and accuracy of diagnosing and treating mental health problems solely through a headset may be questionable.
– Overreliance on technology: Relying heavily on technology for mental health diagnosis and treatment might overlook the need for human interaction and personalized care.
– Accessibility limitations: The cost of the Vision Pro headset could potentially limit its availability to a specific demographic, excluding those who may benefit from its health capabilities.


Apple is reportedly considering using its Vision Pro headset for mental health diagnosis and treatment. According to The Information’s Wayne Ma, Apple is also exploring other health monitoring capabilities for the device. Sources with direct knowledge of the matter revealed this information to Ma.