Is Apple’s decision to retire iTunes Movie Store in iOS 17.2 Beta 2 a step in the right direction?

– Simplification: by merging iTunes Movies with the TV app, Apple is creating a more streamlined user experience.
– Integration: bringing movies and TV shows together into one app allows for better organization and easier access to all types of video content.
– Consistency: aligning the functionality across different devices makes the Apple ecosystem more cohesive.

– Loss of Standalone Store: retiring the iTunes Movie Store means users won’t have a dedicated place to browse and purchase movies.
– Potential Confusion: integrating movies into the TV app might make it harder for users to find and navigate through their desired content.
– Limited Control: phasing out the dedicated store could limit options and flexibility for both users and content providers.


Apple is planning to merge iTunes Movies with the TV app, according to code strings. This move implies that the dedicated store on iPhones will be phased out.