Is Apple’s Journal app a smart choice or a basic option?

Pros of Apple’s Journal app:

1. Includes multiple media-saving options for photos, videos, and text. 2. The suggestions API uses AI to prioritize and highlight significant moments.
3. Integrated with iOS 17.2, ensuring compatibility and seamless user experience.

Cons of Apple’s Journal app:

1. Limited availability to iOS users only.
2. The effectiveness of the suggestions API may vary, depending on personal preferences and AI accuracy.
3. May be considered a basic option compared to more feature-rich journaling apps on other platforms.


Introducing Apple Journal, the latest update iOS 17.2 brings a variety of features to enhance your experience. With the ability to effortlessly save photos, videos, and texts, Apple Journal empowers you to capture and preserve your precious memories. What sets it apart is the suggestions API powered by AI, cleverly identifying and prioritizing the moments that matter most to you. Truly a game-changer!