Is Apple’s move to incorporate advertising into its original podcasts a genius strategy or a potential downfall?

1. Increased revenue potential for Apple through advertising. 2. Expanded opportunities for advertisers to reach a large audience. 3. Potential for higher quality podcasts with increased funding. 4. Greater financial support for podcast creators.
5. Possibility of more diverse content as creators have access to additional funding.

1. Risk of alienating listeners who prefer ad-free content.
2. Potential decline in podcast quality if content is shaped by advertisers. 3. Disruption of the traditional podcasting landscape.
4. Increased competition for advertisers’ dollars, potentially impacting smaller podcast platforms. 5. Loss of Apple’s reputation as an ad-free podcast platform.


In a potential shift from its usual practice, Apple is reportedly considering the possibility of selling ads on its owned podcasts. This is a departure from the company’s historical stance of keeping its podcasts ad-free. Recent developments hint at a possible change in approach for Apple Podcasts.