Is Apple’s new release truly lacking innovation for third-party apps?

1. Apple’s new release provides developers with an opportunity to explore and create innovative third-party apps.
2. The availability of a Journal app in the developer beta of iOS 17.2 shows Apple’s commitment to expanding functionality for users.
3. The inclusion of a mental health feature in the Journal app demonstrates a positive step towards addressing well-being concerns.

1. Some may argue that Apple’s new release lacks significant innovation for third-party apps, as the Journal app seems to have limited implications.
2. The Journal app being available only in the developer beta means it is not accessible to all users, potentially limiting its impact.
3. The claim that the mental health feature will not pose a threat to existing apps may indicate a lack of transformative qualities in Apple’s innovation.


Apple’s latest Journal app has made its debut in the developer beta of iOS 17.2, with a public beta expected to follow shortly. The eagerly awaited official release is scheduled for later this year. As per an early hands-on review, the mental health feature of Apple Journal is unlikely to disrupt current offerings.