Is Apple’s plan to redesign its TV app a game-changer or a risky move?

– Consolidating video offerings in the TV app could provide a more streamlined and convenient user experience.
– Having all video content in one place may make it easier for users to discover new shows and movies.
– The redesign could potentially enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of the Apple TV app.
– By placing video offerings exclusively in the TV app, Apple might be able to better compete with other streaming services.

– Some users may prefer having separate and dedicated apps for different video content.
– The overhaul might face technical challenges and potential glitches during the transition phase.
– If the redesign is not well-executed, it could confuse and frustrate users who are accustomed to the current interface.
– Exclusive placement of video offerings in the TV app might limit user choice and freedom to access content from other sources.


Apple is said to be revamping its Apple TV app, as per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Sources claim that the tech giant is looking to streamline its video services by bringing them all together in the TV app across its entire range of devices.