Is Archax, a $2.7 million pilotable robot, revolutionizing the lifestyle of the ultra-wealthy?

1. Archax provides a unique and exciting experience for the ultra-wealthy, allowing them to pilot a cutting-edge robot.
2. This pilotable robot offers a chance to explore new frontiers of luxury and technology.
3. Archax embodies the latest advancements in robotics, showcasing the potential of future technologies.
4. It offers exclusivity to its owners, as only a limited number of units are available for preorder.
5. Archax can potentially become a status symbol among the ultra-wealthy, elevating their lifestyle.

1. The price tag of $2.7 million makes Archax unaffordable for the majority of the population.
2. The limited availability of only five units may create a sense of exclusivity but also restricts access for those interested.
3. The robot’s impact on revolutionizing the lifestyle of the ultra-wealthy might be limited, as it caters to a niche market.
4. The feasibility and practicality of integrating Archax into everyday life may be questionable.
5. Owning a pilotable robot of this magnitude may perpetuate wealth inequality rather than addressing more significant societal challenges.


Tsubame, a new Japanese startup, is now accepting preorders for their 5 units.