Is Arvind Kejriwal Justified in Skipping Summons and Claiming Threats of Arrest?

– By skipping the summons, Arvind Kejriwal can continue with his campaigning activities, which he may consider important for his political agenda.
– Claiming threats of arrest may help Kejriwal garner sympathy and support from his followers and supporters.

– Skipping the summons can be seen as an evasion of legal processes, raising questions about Kejriwal’s commitment to transparency and accountability.
– Claiming threats of arrest without providing concrete evidence may be viewed as a tactic to avoid facing the allegations, undermining the credibility of his claims.


Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, decided to skip questioning by the Enforcement Directorate in the alleged liquor scam this morning. However, a few hours later, he was seen actively campaigning in Madhya Pradesh.