Is Ayaneo’s Kun gaming handheld truly worth the hype?

1. Wide range of choices with 13 (or 14) different handheld gaming PCs. 2. Customizable options for colors, storage, and RAM configurations. 3. Potential for a unique and personalized gaming experience. 4. Brand reputation of Ayaneo, known for quality gaming products. 5. High-quality graphics and performance expected from a gaming handheld.

1. Limited information available about the specific features and specifications of each handheld PC. 2. Hype may lead to inflated expectations that might not be met. 3. Possible high price point depending on the selected configuration. 4. Lack of user reviews or feedback to gauge customer satisfaction.
5. Market competition from other gaming handhelds may offer similar or better features.


Ayaneo’s homepage boasts an impressive lineup of handheld gaming PCs. Thirteen unique devices are showcased, with an additional preview featured in the carousel, bringing the total count to fourteen. These gaming PCs offer a variety of options including color choices and different storage and RAM configurations.