Is Best Buy’s decision to end DVD and Blu-ray sales early next year a smart move?

1. Cost-saving: Best Buy can save money by reducing physical media inventory and shelf space required for DVDs and Blu-rays.
2. Focus on digital media: With the rise of streaming services, Best Buy can redirect resources and efforts towards digital media platforms.
3. Enhanced customer experience: By shifting focus towards digital media, Best Buy can provide customers with a more streamlined and convenient experience.

1. Loss of revenue: DVD and Blu-ray sales still generate a significant portion of revenue for Best Buy, and ending these sales may lead to a decline in overall profits.
2. Limited customer base: Some customers still prefer physical media over digital, and by eliminating this option, Best Buy may lose these customers to competitors.
3. Decreased foot traffic: Physical media shelves bring customers into stores, and by removing them, Best Buy might experience a decrease in foot traffic, potentially impacting other sales as well.


Best Buy, the leading electronics retailer, is planning to stop selling physical media including DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Ultra HDs both in-store and online. According to multiple sources, this major blow to DVD sales is expected to happen in the near future.