Is Biden’s absence from the New Hampshire primary ballot an advantage or disadvantage for his campaign?

Pros of Biden’s absence from the New Hampshire primary ballot:

1. Reduces expenditure: Not being on the ballot saves the campaign money that can be allocated to other campaign strategies.
2. Less risk of humiliation: By not participating, Biden avoids the possibility of performing poorly in a state that may not be favorable to him.
3. Focusing resources: The campaign can concentrate its efforts on other states and prioritize their electoral strategies accordingly.
4. Less time away from campaigning: Biden can use the time that would have been spent on campaigning in New Hampshire to directly engage with voters in other states.

Cons of Biden’s absence from the New Hampshire primary ballot:

1. Missed opportunity for visibility: Not being on the ballot means missing out on media coverage and potential voter outreach in New Hampshire.
2. Decreased chances of winning the primary: By forgoing the state altogether, Biden may risk losing potential delegate support to his competitors.
3. Perception of lack of interest: Some voters may see Biden’s absence as a sign of disengagement or lack of enthusiasm for the primary process.
4. Impact on down-ballot candidates: The absence could have a ripple effect on other Democratic candidates in New Hampshire, potentially affecting their performance.

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President Joe Biden’s campaign informed the New Hampshire Democratic party that he will not be filing to appear on the primary ballot for the upcoming election cycle. This decision was conveyed on Tuesday.