Is Blocking Jim Harbaugh Suspension the Right Move?

Pros of blocking Jim Harbaugh suspension:
1. Allows Harbaugh to continue coaching without interruption. 2. Gives Michigan football team more stability and a better chance of success. 3. May prevent negative impact on players’ morale and performance. 4. Shows support for Harbaugh and his coaching abilities.
5. Provides an opportunity for resolution without long-term consequences.

Cons of blocking Jim Harbaugh suspension:
1. Potentially undermines the authority and decision-making of higher officials. 2. Sets a precedent that coaches can challenge disciplinary actions. 3. Could lead to a lack of accountability for coaches’ behavior.
4. May cause friction and tension among the coaching staff and university administration. 5. Could detract from the integrity of the sport and perceptions of fairness.


Michigan and football coach Jim Harbaugh have taken legal action against the school by filing a breach of contract complaint. Furthermore, they have also requested a temporary restraining order, with the aim of allowing Harbaugh to coach in the upcoming game against Penn State.