Is Blue Eye Samurai’s New Trailer All About Revenge?

1. Original property – Blue Eye Samurai stands out as an original series, bringing new and fresh content to viewers.
2. Co-creators – Having co-creators like Amber Noizumi and [name] can potentially bring diverse perspectives and enrich the storytelling.
3. Animation showcase – Being featured in a Netflix animation showcase indicates that the series has caught the attention of industry professionals.
4. First look – The release of a trailer gives audiences a glimpse into the visual style and tone of Blue Eye Samurai.
5. Theme of revenge – If you’re a fan of revenge stories, Blue Eye Samurai might cater to your interests.

1. Limited information – With only a trailer released so far, there may be a lack of details about the plot, characters, and overall story.
2. Trailer focus – While the trailer suggests a theme of revenge, it’s uncertain how much of the series will revolve around this aspect or if it could potentially become repetitive.
3. Expectations – As an original property, there is no existing source material or established fanbase to rely on, meaning viewers won’t have any preconceived notions of what to expect.
4. Co-creators’ track record – Without knowing the past work of the co-creators, it’s difficult to judge their ability to deliver a compelling series.
5. Taste preference – The theme of revenge might not resonate with everyone, so those seeking different genres or themes might not find Blue Eye Samurai appealing.


During a recent Netflix animation showcase, an exclusive glimpse of Blue Eye Samurai was unveiled. This upcoming series stands apart from the others as it is an original creation from the talented co-creators, Amber Noizumi and…