Is Building a Floating Tiny Home the Ultimate Dream? One Couple Ditched Land Living and Never Looked Back!

1. Unique lifestyle: Building a floating tiny home offers a one-of-a-kind living experience.
2. Mobility: The ability to move your home to different locations on the water is a definite perk.
3. Beautiful views: Waking up to picturesque lake views can be incredibly soothing and enjoyable.
4. Minimalistic living: Living in a tiny home encourages a simplified and clutter-free lifestyle.
5. Environmental impact: Floating homes can have a smaller ecological footprint compared to traditional houses.

1. Initial cost: The couple estimated spending $90,000 to build their floating home, which might be a considerable investment.
2. Mooring fees: While the annual $5,000 mooring fee is the couple’s only bill, it might still be a recurring expense to consider.
3. Limited space: Living in a tiny home means having limited space for belongings, activities, and guests.
4. Weather concerns: Floating homes are exposed to weather elements, and storms or harsh conditions can pose challenges.
5. Limited utilities: Access to certain utilities, such as water and electricity, might be limited or require specific arrangements.

(Note: The information provided is based on the statement given and does not reflect personal opinions.)


A floating home on a lake in North Carolina was built by the couple at an estimated cost of $90,000. They only need to pay an annual mooring fee of $5,000.