Is California the ideal destination for GamesBeat Next? Discover the implications and considerations

1. California, specifically San Francisco, is known as a hub for the tech and gaming industries, making it an ideal location for GamesBeat Next.
2. There is a large gaming community in California, offering potential networking opportunities and connections for attendees of GamesBeat Next.
3. The Women in Gaming breakfast with writer Rachel Kaser presents a unique opportunity for attendees to gain insights and perspectives from a prominent figure in the industry.
4. California’s diverse culture and vibrant atmosphere provide a welcoming and engaging environment for GamesBeat Next participants.
5. San Francisco offers a variety of tourist attractions and amenities, allowing attendees to make the most of their trip beyond the conference.

1. California can be an expensive destination, with high hotel rates and cost of living, which may be a deterrent for some attendees on a tight budget.
2. San Francisco’s infamous traffic congestion and limited parking spaces can make commuting to and from GamesBeat Next a challenge.
3. The popularity of gaming-related events in California means there will likely be competition for attention from other conferences and events happening around the same time.
4. The unpredictable weather in California might affect outdoor activities or add inconvenience for those unprepared.
5. Those who cannot travel to California may miss out on the networking and learning opportunities provided by GamesBeat Next.


Join writer Rachel Kaser for the Women in Gaming breakfast at GamesBeat Next in San Francisco.