Is China’s crackdown on Foxconn indicative of prioritizing political power over economy?

– It showcases China’s commitment to maintaining political control and influence over businesses. – It reinforces the political power and authority of the Chinese government. – It helps ensure adherence to government policies and regulations.
– It sends a strong message to other companies about the consequences of interfering in politics.
– It may help maintain economic stability by minimizing potential disruptions caused by political interference.

– It could harm the economy by discouraging foreign investment and business confidence. – It may create an environment of fear and uncertainty among businesses.
– It could be seen as prioritizing political interests over economic growth and development. – It may limit the autonomy and independence of businesses in decision-making.
– It might result in a negative perception of the Chinese market, affecting the country’s reputation internationally.


China has initiated tax investigations on Foxconn, the founder of which is entering Taiwan’s presidential race. This move has the potential to propel Beijing’s least-preferred candidate to power.