Is concept artist and illustrator Emily Chapman worth following?

Pros of following concept artist and illustrator Emily Chapman:
1. She has a host of creative endeavors, which indicates a wide range of artistic skills and interests.
2. Emily Chapman’s journey in the art world adds depth to her work, as it is influenced by her experiences.
3. By following her, you can gain insights into the creative process and see behind-the-scenes glimpses of her artwork. 4. Chapman’s artwork may inspire you and ignite your own creativity.
5. She might share helpful tips, techniques, or tutorials that could be valuable for aspiring artists.
6. By following her, you’ll have the opportunity to discover new art styles and perspectives.

Cons of following concept artist and illustrator Emily Chapman:
1. Personal taste in art varies, and Chapman’s style may or may not resonate with you.
2. The frequency and consistency of her posts may fluctuate, which could affect the level of engagement and content availability.
3. Following too many artists can make your social media feeds overwhelming and potentially dilute your focus.
4. Chapman’s work may not align with your artistic goals or interests, limiting the relevance of following her.
5. Depending on your preferences, her updates may not always provide the type of content you are seeking.
6. The potential risk of getting lost in the endless scroll of captivating artwork while following her.


The artist’s craft was inspired by a multitude of creative pursuits.