Is Controlling Dengue Outbreaks a Major Challenge in Gzb Village?

1. Raising awareness about dengue and its preventive measures. 2. Implementing effective mosquito control strategies.
3. Developing a strong healthcare infrastructure to handle dengue cases.
4. Conducting regular inspections and monitoring to identify and eliminate mosquito breeding grounds.
5. Promoting community engagement and participation in dengue prevention activities. 6. Conducting dengue testing and diagnosis to identify cases at an early stage. 7. Providing proper treatment and care for dengue patients.

1. Challenging to track and control the spread of dengue due to the high number of cases.
2. Limited resources and funding for implementing comprehensive prevention measures. 3. Lack of public awareness and education about dengue prevention.
4. Difficulties in identifying and eliminating all potential mosquito breeding sites.
5. Frequent changes in weather patterns can favor mosquito breeding and increase the risk of dengue outbreaks.
6. Overburdening of healthcare infrastructure due to a sudden influx of dengue cases.
7. Inadequate coordination between various stakeholders involved in dengue prevention efforts.


In Ghaziabad, the NCR region has been battling the relentless sting of dengue for weeks. Many patients are experiencing a significant decrease in platelet count, and some have even required hospitalization.