Is Corsair’s new gaming keyboard the ultimate replacement for my K100 RGB?

1. Affordable price compared to high-end gaming keyboards.
2. Brings high-end features to mainstream users.
3. Corsair brand reputation for quality and durability.
4. RGB lighting customization options.
5. Dedicated media controls.
6. Comfortable and responsive typing experience.
7. Sturdy build quality.
8. Customizable macros for gaming convenience.
9. Compatible with popular gaming software.

1. Not as feature-rich as the K100 RGB.
2. Limited premium materials and aesthetics compared to high-end models. 3. May not have the same level of customization options as the K100 RGB. 4. Less robust software integration and ecosystem.
5. Potentially fewer advanced gaming features.
6. Absence of dedicated macros or additional programmable keys. 7. Reduced key rollover capabilities for simultaneous key presses. 8. Limited availability of proprietary switch options.
9. May lack dedicated multimedia keys or volume wheel.

(Note: Comparison is based on provided information about Corsair’s K70 Core and K100 RGB. Individual preferences may vary.)


The Corsair K70 Core is a budget-friendly gaming keyboard that offers premium features typically found in high-end models.