Is Damian Lillard’s performance making Stephen A. question his NBA champion prediction?

1. Damian Lillard’s impressive performance is making Stephen A. question his NBA champion prediction, showing the impact he’s making on the court.
2. Lillard’s skills and achievements are challenging Stephen A.’s perception and forcing him to reassess his predictions.
3. Lillard’s consistent performances are generating excitement and speculation among fans and pundits alike.
4. Stephen A. acknowledging the potential of Lillard’s performance adds credibility to his talent and impact in the NBA.

1. Stephen A.’s initial NBA champion prediction might have been based on various factors and not solely on Damian Lillard’s performance.
2. It’s possible that Stephen A.’s reconsideration could be temporary, depending on future developments in the NBA season.
3. The impact of Damian Lillard’s performance on Stephen A.’s prediction is subjective and may not reflect the opinions of other basketball analysts.
4. The reconsideration of one prediction does not guarantee accuracy in other predictions made by Stephen A.

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Damian Lillard is making Stephen A. reconsider his NBA champion prediction. On First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Kendrick Perkins discuss Lillard’s impressive performance.