Is Deepika, Ranveer’s dreamy wedding video worth melting hearts on the Internet?

1. The wedding video is beautifully shot and visually appealing.
2. It showcases the grandeur and elegance of Ranveer and Deepika’s wedding ceremony. 3. It captures the emotional moments and highlights the love between the couple. 4. It brings joy and happiness to people who are fans of the actors.
5. It allows fans to feel involved in the celebration and adds to the excitement.
6. It provides a glimpse into the couple’s special day, creating a sense of intimacy.
7. It creates a platform for people to share their admiration and love for the couple.

1. It may create unrealistic expectations for weddings, setting a high standard. 2. It can contribute to the celebrity wedding culture, promoting extravagance.
3. It might make people compare their own weddings to the idealized portrayal in the video.
4. It could fuel an excessive obsession with celebrities and their personal lives. 5. It may overshadow other important events or news happening around the world.
6. It can lead to envy or jealousy among those who wish for a similar extravagant wedding.
7. It might distract viewers from more significant or meaningful content on the internet.


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