Is Diljit Dosanjh’s decision to make Sia sing in Punjabi for his new song Hass Hass a bold new move or a risky gamble?

– Diljit Dosanjh’s decision to make Sia sing in Punjabi can attract a wider audience, both Punjabi music lovers and fans of Sia.
– It can potentially create a unique fusion of Punjabi and English music styles, offering a fresh sound to listeners.
– The collaboration might generate international recognition for both artists, expanding their reach beyond their respective fan bases.
– It can serve as an opportunity for cultural exchange and appreciation, fostering a sense of unity and diversity in the music industry.

– Sia singing in Punjabi may not resonate well with her existing fan base, who are accustomed to her singing primarily in English.
– The fusion of Punjabi and English might pose a challenge in maintaining the authenticity and coherence of the song.
– The risk of the collaboration not meeting the expectations of either Punjabi music enthusiasts or Sia’s fans.
– It’s uncertain how well the song will be received commercially, as it may not fit the mainstream music trends.

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Released on October 26, the latest single by Diljit Dosanjh and Sia, titled Hass Hass, is a romantic number infused with English and Punjabi lyrics.