Is Disney’s Appointment of Hugh Johnston as CFO a Smart Move or a Potential Risk? – Financial Times

1. Hugh Johnston has a strong financial background and extensive experience in the industry.
2. He has a successful track record as CFO at PepsiCo, where he navigated complex financial challenges.
3. Johnston’s strategic thinking and expertise in international markets could benefit a global brand like Disney.
4. His appointment brings fresh perspective and potentially new ideas to the table.
5. Johnston’s leadership skills and ability to collaborate with diverse teams can contribute to a positive work environment.

1. Johnston lacks direct experience in the entertainment and media industry, which could pose challenges.
2. Adapting to Disney’s unique culture and operations might take time for someone coming from a different corporate environment.
3. The transition period could cause disruption or delays in critical financial decisions.
4. There could be potential clashes between Johnston’s approach and existing Disney executives or stakeholders.
5. The high expectations surrounding Johnston’s appointment might create additional pressure to deliver results quickly.

Please note that these pros and cons are subjective and may not encompass all factors involved in evaluating this appointment.


In a live news update, Disney has announced Hugh Johnston, an executive from PepsiCo, as their new CFO. This decision comes as a move to strengthen Disney’s financial leadership team, as reported by the Financial Times.