Is Doing Business in a New Way at Maker Faire Rome 2023 a Game-Changer or a Risky Move?

1. Opportunity for businesses and makers to explore new ways of doing business. 2. Access to a diverse network of potential customers, partners, and investors. 3. Exposure to a large audience of design enthusiasts and innovators. 4. Possibility to showcase innovative products or services.
5. Potential for collaborations and partnerships that can lead to future growth. 6. Platform to share and gain inspiration from other like-minded individuals. 7. Chance to position oneself as a forward-thinking and innovative business. 8. Opportunity to gain media coverage and increase brand visibility.

1. Uncertainty regarding the effectiveness of the new business approaches at Maker Faire Rome 2023.
2. Risk of investing time and resources in a venture with limited market validation. 3. Possibility of facing intense competition from other businesses and makers.
4. The potential for a lack of targeted audience, as the event attracts a diverse range of interests.
5. Difficulty in standing out amidst the large number of exhibitors and participants. 6. Risk of unfavorable audience feedback or negative media coverage.
7. Challenges in monetizing the opportunities and converting them into profitable outcomes.
8. The possibility of limited follow-up or sustained interest from potential customers or partners.


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