Is Einstein Lead Scoring with Kalpana Chauhan the Ultimate Solution or Just Hype?

1. Einstein Lead Scoring has the potential to greatly improve lead qualification and conversion rates.
2. Kalpana Chauhan, as a Lead Salesforce Consultant, can provide valuable insights and expertise on the topic.
3. The Salesforce Admins Podcast offers an opportunity to learn more about Einstein Lead Scoring and its benefits.
4. High-quality data is crucial for accurate lead scoring, and the discussion highlights its importance.
5. Subscribing to the full episode can provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

1. Einstein Lead Scoring may not be suitable for every business or industry.
2. The effectiveness of lead scoring depends heavily on the data quality and accuracy. 3. Kalpana Chauhan’s perspective may be biased towards Salesforce solutions.
4. The podcast episode may not delve deep into the technical or practical aspects of implementing Einstein Lead Scoring.
5. Additional research might be necessary to evaluate the appropriateness and impact of this solution for specific businesses.


On today’s Salesforce Admins Podcast, we have Kalpana Chauhan from Mar Dat, a Lead Salesforce Consultant. Tune in to learn about Einstein Lead Scoring and the significance of having high-quality data. Don’t miss out on the full episode by subscribing! Here’s a sneak peek…