Is electing a speaker with no bill-passing experience a risk or an opportunity for Republicans?

– Fresh perspective: Electing a speaker with no bill-passing experience may bring a fresh perspective to the table. Sometimes, an outsider’s point of view can challenge conventional thinking and lead to innovative solutions.
– Opportunity for growth: This could be an opportunity for Republicans to groom a new leader, giving them the chance to cultivate a speaker who may grow and develop their bill-passing skills over time.
– Potential for change: With a speaker lacking bill-passing experience, there is a higher chance for the Republican Party to adopt new strategies and explore alternative approaches in order to achieve their goals.

– Lack of experience: The lack of bill-passing experience of Rep. Jim Jordan could prove to be a hindrance. Experience often brings knowledge, negotiation skills, and a deep understanding of how to navigate the legislative process effectively.
– Potential for ineffective leadership: Without prior success in passing bills, there is a risk that the speaker may struggle to rally support and effectively lead their party. This could result in a stagnant or poorly executed legislative agenda.
– Perception issues: The opposition may use the speaker’s lack of bill-passing experience to criticize the Republican Party, questioning their ability to effectively govern and pass meaningful legislation.


In his 16-year tenure in Congress, Rep. Jim Jordan has introduced a total of 30 pieces of legislation. Despite his efforts, none of these bills have been successful in becoming law.