Is Encouraging Your Child to Become an Influencer a Good Idea?

Pros of encouraging your child to become an influencer:
1. Opportunity for self-expression and creativity.
2. Possibility of earning a substantial income.
3. Development of entrepreneurial and marketing skills.
4. Exposure to networking and collaboration opportunities.
5. Potential for building a personal brand and gaining recognition. 6. Enhances technological and digital literacy.
7. Expands the reach of their message or passion.

Cons of encouraging your child to become an influencer:
1. Potential exposure to online criticism and cyberbullying. 2. Sacrificing traditional education and social experiences. 3. Risk of exploitation and invasion of privacy.
4. Unrealistic expectations and pressure to maintain a constant online presence. 5. Emphasis on materialistic values and a superficial lifestyle. 6. Limited long-term career prospects.
7. Potential imbalance between online and offline life.


In WIRED’s spiritual advice column, an anxious parent seeks guidance regarding their 6-year-old’s desire to build an online presence.