Is England’s loss of Stokes and Livingstone a setback in the World Cup match against Australia?

– Gives other players in the England team an opportunity to step up and showcase their skills.
– Provides a chance for new players to gain valuable experience on the international stage.
– Stokes and Livingstone’s absence might lead to a change in strategy, catching Australia off guard.
– Forces the team to explore alternative combinations and tactics, potentially leading to innovative approaches.

– Stokes and Livingstone are talented and experienced players, their absence weakens England’s batting and bowling line-up.
– Their absence may disrupt the team’s overall cohesion and familiarity with each other’s playing styles.
– Stokes’ dynamic all-round abilities might be sorely missed, impacting England’s ability to balance their team.
– Australia, as a strong opponent, may take advantage of England’s weakened lineup and gain a psychological advantage.


In a thrilling match at the Cricket World Cup 2023, Australia emerged victorious over defending champions England. Australia scored 286 runs, while England could only manage 253 runs in their chase. This defeat resulted in England’s elimination from the tournament, delivering a major upset.