Is Fortnite Creative’s acceptance of IARC age ratings a step in the right direction or a controversial decision?

1. Helps ensure appropriate content for players of different age groups.
2. Provides clearer guidance for parents and guardians in determining suitability. 3. Aligns with industry standards for age rating systems.
4. Improves overall user experience by filtering out inappropriate content. 5. Demonstrates Epic Games’ commitment to responsible gaming.

1. May limit creative freedom in the game’s Creative mode.
2. Could potentially lead to stricter censorship and content restrictions.
3. May not completely prevent exposure to unsuitable content, as age ratings are not foolproof. 4. Some players may find the age ratings unnecessary or irrelevant.
5. Implementation of age ratings might be seen as a way for Epic Games to shift responsibility to external organizations.


Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games, is integrating IARC age ratings into its Creative mode. This move shows that Fortnite Creative embraces the International Age Rating Coalition. Find out more on ReadWrite.