Is Fox News’ Disdain for Late-Night Hosts Justified or Overblown?

– Fox News offers a different perspective from mainstream late-night hosts, adding diversity to the media landscape.
– Some viewers may appreciate Fox News’ criticism of late-night hosts, suggesting it holds them accountable for biased or one-sided commentary.

– Fox News’ disdain for late-night hosts can be seen as subjective and non-objective.
– The term “unfunny hyper-partisans” used by the Fox writer implies a biased judgment, rather than a fair evaluation of late-night shows.
– The one-sided nature of the diatribe diminishes the legitimacy of the argument presented by Fox News.

Note: It’s important to consider multiple sources and perspectives before forming an opinion on this matter.


A Fox writer criticized the “unfunny hyper-partisans” of late-night talk shows in a one-sided and humorless diatribe.