Is Garmin Falling Behind with Lackluster Indoor Workouts?

1. Garmin offers unique tracking features for individual exercise moves like push-ups and deadlifts.
2. The brand provides thousands of options for tracking different types of exercises.
3. Garmin’s tracking capabilities can be useful for individuals who focus on specific exercise moves.

1. Despite offering individual exercise move tracking, Garmin falls behind in maximizing the concept’s potential.
2. Garmin’s lack of innovation and limited utilization of the tracking concept may be disappointing for users looking for more comprehensive indoor workout tracking.
3. Other brands in the market might offer more advanced and diverse indoor workout features, making Garmin appear lackluster in comparison.


Garmin stands out as the sole brand known for effectively tracking various exercise moves, including push-ups and deadlifts, offering a wide array of options. However, there is room for improvement in fully harnessing the potential of this innovative concept.