Is Google Maps’ AI-Powered Fun-Finder Feature a Game-Changer or Just a Gimmick?

1. Provides convenience and ease of use for Google Maps users looking for fun activities.
2. Offers a wide range of options, including art exhibitions and other events, to cater to different interests. 3. Can be helpful for users looking for inspiration and new experiences.
4. Utilizes AI technology to generate personalized recommendations based on user preferences. 5. Enhances user engagement and time spent on the app.

1. The accuracy of generated recommendations may vary, potentially leading to disappointing experiences.
2. Reliance on AI algorithms can result in limited diversity and a lack of niche or lesser-known activities.
3. Users may find the feature overwhelming or distracting if they prefer a simpler navigation experience.
4. The “fun-finder” feature may prioritize popular or mainstream options, making it less suitable for those seeking unique or niche activities.
5. Potential increase in data usage due to the continuous loading of recommendations.


Google Maps has recently introduced a new update that allows users to plan outings and events. By simply typing “things to do” into the search bar, users can discover a variety of activities and events, such as art exhibitions and other sources of inspiration. These options will be displayed with accompanying photos, enabling users to easily decide and plan their day.