Is Google Photos’ AI-powered library cleanup feature worth the hype?

– Saves time by automatically identifying and grouping similar photos taken in rapid succession. – Makes it easier to declutter and organize your photo library.
– AI-powered feature helps in identifying duplicates and selecting the best photos. – Convenient and efficient way to manage a large number of photos. – Can free up storage space by removing unnecessary duplicate photos.

– May not always accurately identify similar photos, leading to potential deletion of useful or unique shots.
– Non-essential photos that hold sentimental value may be mistakenly deemed as duplicates.
– Reliance on AI technology means occasional errors or false identifications are possible.
– Must trust Google’s algorithm to accurately determine which photos to keep or delete.
– Users may prefer manual control and selection of photos rather than relying on automated cleanup.


Google Photos has introduced new features to help you declutter your photo library, as announced in a recent blog post. The update includes automatic identification of similar photos taken in rapid succession, providing convenience in managing your collection.