Is Google’s acquisition of Fitbit a smart move or a warning sign?

– Google’s acquisition of Fitbit allows for integration of wearable technology into their ecosystem, potentially enhancing user experience.
– Fitbit’s expertise in fitness tracking and health monitoring can be combined with Google’s resources and tools to create innovative products.
– This acquisition could enable Google to compete more effectively with other tech giants in the wearable device market.
– Fitbit’s user base and brand recognition can provide Google with additional opportunities for growth and expansion in the health and wellness industry.

– Google’s removal of Fitbit from sale in several countries raises concerns about their strategy and commitment to the brand.
– There is uncertainty about how Google will handle user data collected from Fitbit devices, considering their past controversies regarding data privacy.
– Fitbit’s loyal customers may feel unsure about the future of the brand under Google’s ownership, potentially leading to a decline in sales.
– The acquisition might result in a lack of innovation and uniqueness for Fitbit, as it could become assimilated into Google’s existing products and lose its distinct identity.


Fitbit removed from sale in nearly 30 countries by Google, raising concerns over its future with the tech giant.