Is Google’s decision to end the COVID-19 exposure notification feature on Android a step in the wrong direction?

1. Allows Google to prioritize other pressing features and updates on their platform.
2. Acknowledges the WHO’s assessment that the pandemic is no longer a global health emergency.
3. May free up resources for other essential initiatives related to public health and safety. 4. Prevents potential false alarms or unnecessary notifications for users. 5. Reflects the evolving nature of the pandemic and changing priorities.

1. Can reduce the overall awareness and tracking of potential COVID-19 exposures for Android users.
2. Raises concerns about the potential delay in receiving critical updates related to the pandemic.
3. Leaves users with fewer tools to stay informed and take necessary precautions.
4. Diminishes the efforts to maintain a comprehensive approach to surveillance and notification.
5. Could create discrepancies in exposure tracking between different platforms and devices.


In a swift response to the recent announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO), a decision has been made to take action just a few months after the WHO declared the pandemic no longer a global health emergency.