Is Half-Life’s 25th anniversary update worth the hype?

– Adds new content: The 25th anniversary update brings in a whole bunch of new content, giving fans of Half-Life something fresh to explore.
– Steam Deck support: With support for the Steam Deck, players have the option to enjoy Half-Life on the go with this new handheld device.
– Documentary release: The accompanying documentary on YouTube provides an opportunity for fans to delve deeper into the history and development of the game.

– Unrealistic expectations: Due to the hype surrounding the 25th anniversary update, some players may have set their expectations too high, leading to potential disappointment.
– Lack of major updates: While the update brings new content, it’s important to note that it may not introduce game-changing updates or features that drastically alter the overall experience.
– Limited appeal: The update may primarily appeal to fans of Half-Life, thus potentially excluding those who are not familiar with the franchise.


Valve celebrates Half-Life’s 25th anniversary with an exciting update, packed with fresh content and added support for Steam Deck. Additionally, they treat fans to a captivating documentary, now available on YouTube.