Is Hamish Steele’s Plan to Bring an End to DeadEndia Worth Considering?

1. Hamish Steele’s plan to bring an end to DeadEndia shows a deliberate intention to conclude the story, ensuring a satisfying ending for fans.
2. Ending the show with the second season would prevent the story from dragging on and potentially losing its impact.
3. By concluding DeadEndia, it allows for the possibility of exploring new creative projects and ideas by Hamish Steele.
4. A proper ending can provide closure to the characters and their arcs, leaving viewers with a sense of fulfillment.

1. Fans of DeadEndia might be disappointed that the series will not continue beyond the second season.
2. Ending the show might leave unanswered questions or loose ends for certain storylines, potentially leaving some viewers unsatisfied.
3. DeadEndia’s popularity and success could mean missed opportunities for further exploration and development of the franchise.
4. Fans who have invested time and emotions into the series might feel a sense of loss with its conclusion.


Netflix announced that the upcoming season of Dead End: Paranormal Park, based on Hamish Steele’s comic series DeadEndia, will serve as the final installment. The beloved characters, including Barney, Norma, and their Phoenix friends, will bid farewell.