Is Hardik Pandya’s Injury a Blow to India’s Chances Against England and Sri Lanka?

– The swelling on Hardik Pandya’s ankle has subsided, indicating progress in his recovery.
– By not starting to bowl yet, there is a chance to ensure that his ankle heals fully before he resumes bowling.
– A fully recovered and fit Pandya would be an asset to India’s chances in future matches.

– Hardik Pandya will miss the upcoming matches against England and Sri Lanka, affecting India’s team composition and strategy.
– With Pandya’s absence, India’s overall balance and depth in batting and bowling may be impacted.
– It remains uncertain when Pandya will be able to contribute fully to the team again.

Please note that injuries in sports can be unpredictable, and these lists are based on the given information at the time.


Pandya is currently unable to bowl, but on the bright side, the swelling on his ankle has gone down. Unfortunately, he will not be participating in the upcoming matches against England and Sri Lanka.