Is Hardik Pandya’s World Cup exit a blow for Team India? Meet the replacement – Prasidh Krishna

Pros for Hardik Pandya’s World Cup exit and the replacement Prasidh Krishna:

– Hardik Pandya’s absence allows him to focus on his recovery and rehabilitation, ensuring he doesn’t exacerbate his ankle injury.
– The replacement player, Prasidh Krishna, has an opportunity to showcase his skills and make a name for himself on a global stage.
– This change in the Indian team lineup may bring freshness and different strategies to their gameplay.
– Prasidh Krishna’s inclusion provides an opportunity for younger talent to gain experience and exposure in international cricket.

Cons for Hardik Pandya’s World Cup exit and the replacement Prasidh Krishna:

– Hardik Pandya’s absence as an all-rounder might weaken India’s batting and bowling lineup, as he is known for his big-hitting skills and his valuable contributions as a bowler.
– The pressure of replacing a key player like Hardik Pandya might be daunting for Prasidh Krishna, potentially affecting his performance.
– Team India might have to make tactical adjustments due to the absence of Pandya, disrupting their game plans.
– Hardik Pandya’s experience and versatility will be missed, as he has been an integral part of the Indian team in recent years.


India’s star all-rounder, Hardik Pandya, will miss the ICC World Cup 2023 after sustaining an ankle injury. The tournament’s technical committee has given their approval for his absence.