Is Hiding Someone in Your Google Photos Memories Worth it?

Sure, here are the pros and cons of hiding someone in your Google Photos ‘Memories’:

1. Privacy: Hiding someone ensures that their photos won’t show up in your ‘Memories’ section, providing better control over your personal memories.
2. Customize your experience: You can tailor your ‘Memories’ section to show only the people and moments you want to see, enhancing the personalization.
3. Avoid emotional triggers: If there are certain photos or memories that might evoke strong emotions or negative feelings, hiding them can help you avoid unnecessary distress.
4. Focus on what matters: By hiding someone, you can prioritize the memories that are more meaningful to you without distractions from specific people.

1. Incomplete memories: Hiding someone may remove certain photos or moments from your ‘Memories’ section, potentially resulting in a less comprehensive representation of your personal timeline.
2. Potential social awkwardness: If the person you hide notices that they are excluded from your ‘Memories’, it may lead to confusion or hurt feelings.
3. Difficulty in keeping track: If you have hidden multiple people, it may become challenging to remember who is excluded from your ‘Memories’ section, potentially leading to accidental exclusion of important memories.
4. Limited photo discovery: By hiding someone, you may miss out on the opportunity to rediscover forgotten or overlooked memories involving that person.

Remember, the decision of whether hiding someone in your Google Photos ‘Memories’ is worth it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and priorities.


Google Photos is an amazing app that conveniently syncs all your media across devices and serves as a reliable backup in case of unfortunate tech mishaps. While it offers countless benefits, it can also occasionally cause frustration by sending unexpected notifications.