Is Hina Khan’s response to Sandiip Sikcand’s post justified or unnecessary? – Times of India

1. Hina Khan may have had valid reasons to express her opinion on Sandiip Sikcand’s post. 2. It’s important to encourage open dialogue and freedom of expression. 3. Hina Khan’s response could have sparked a healthy debate on the topic. 4. Sometimes public figures need to speak up to address certain issues.

1. Hina Khan’s response may have escalated the situation further.
2. It might have been unnecessary for Hina Khan to involve herself in a public spat between Ankita Lokhande and Sandiip Sikcand.
3. Hina Khan’s response could have inadvertently attracted unnecessary criticism and attention.
4. It’s possible that Hina Khan’s response lacked context or understanding of the entire situation.


Celebrity tension erupted on Bigg Boss 17 when TV actress Ankita Lokhande and producer Sandiip Sikcand clashed publicly. Hina Khan swiftly took a stand.