Is Humane’s Ai Pin a game-changer or just a gimmick for $700?

1. Hands-free functionality with the Ai Pin, allowing for mobility while staying connected. 2. Ability to have natural conversations, gestures, and taps as input methods. 3. Convenient photo-taking feature with just a tap.
4. Powerful virtual assistant available at your disposal.
5. Offers a unique and potentially immersive user experience.

1. Requires wearing the Ai Pin on your chest, which may not be comfortable for everyone. 2. Limited gestures and taps might not accommodate all possible interactions. 3. High price tag of $700 could be a hurdle for some potential buyers. 4. Reliance on the virtual assistant might lead to privacy concerns.
5. The use of Ai Pin may be seen as a gimmicky accessory rather than a game-changing tool.


The Ai Pin can be clipped to your chest, allowing you to communicate through talk, gesture, and tapping. You can also take photos and summon a virtual assistant.