Is ‘Irth’ hospital review app the game-changer for unbiased birthing experiences?

1. Provides a platform for people of color to share their experiences with the health care system during pregnancy and delivery.
2. Offers a unique perspective on birthing experiences that may not be widely represented elsewhere.
3. Gives voice to marginalized communities and helps identify any biases or disparities in healthcare.
4. Empowers expectant parents to make informed decisions based on diverse feedback. 5. Raises awareness about systemic issues within the health care system.

1. Limited focus on experiences of people of color may not provide a comprehensive view of the healthcare landscape. 2. Reviews may still be subjective and may vary greatly from person to person. 3. Reliability of reviews could be questionable as they are subjective opinions. 4. May not cover a wide range of hospitals or healthcare providers.
5. Potential for the app to become a platform for negativity and biased reviews.


Created by a Black mother, this app compiles reviews from people of color regarding their encounters with the healthcare system while pregnant and during childbirth.