Is it a loss for fans? Suzanne Somers of ‘Three’s Company’ dies at 76

1. Suzanne Somers brought joy to millions of fans through her portrayal of Chrissy Snow on “Three’s Company.”
2. Her character helped challenge stereotypes and played a significant role in popular culture.
3. Somers’ long battle with breast cancer serves as an inspiration to others fighting the disease.
4. Her perseverance and advocacy efforts raised awareness about breast cancer and encouraged early detection.
5. Somers’ contributions to the entertainment industry are undeniably significant and will be remembered.

1. Suzanne Somers’ death is a loss for her fans, who will miss her presence in the entertainment world.
2. The iconic character of Chrissy Snow will no longer be portrayed by the talented actress. 3. Breast cancer took away a talented and beloved actress from the industry.
4. Somers’ passing highlights the devastating impact of cancer, reminding us of its tragic consequences.
5. The entertainment industry loses a seasoned actress with a remarkable career trajectory.


The iconic actor, known for portraying the endearing “dumb blonde” character Chrissy Snow in the beloved 70s sitcom, bravely battled breast cancer for over two decades.