Is it fair to fine a motorist after a dog is spotted behind the wheel of their car?

– Encourages responsible pet ownership by preventing any potential dangers that could arise from having a dog behind the wheel.
– Serves as a deterrent for motorists to ensure they keep their pets properly secured while driving.
– Protects the safety of both the driver and the dog by minimizing distractions and potential accidents.

– Difficulties in determining the level of intention or negligence on the part of the motorist, as it could be a result of a momentary lapse in judgment.
– Potential for subjective judgments, as different individuals might have varying opinions on what constitutes an acceptable level of pet safety.
– Could result in over-policing or diverting resources from more pressing matters if enforcing such fines becomes a common practice.

Please note that this response is based on general reasoning and does not account for the specific circumstances of the case mentioned.


A man in Slovakia has been fined by the police when a picture emerged showing a dog sitting in the driver’s seat of his Skoda.