Is It Justified for a BJP MP to Retort with Accusations of Selling Conscience for Money? – NDTV

1. Allows for a robust debate and exchange of ideas within the political sphere.
2. Highlights the importance of holding public figures accountable for their actions and statements.
3. Encourages transparency and ensures that politicians justify the sources of their income. 4. Raises awareness about the ethical aspects of political discourse. 5. Promotes critical thinking and analysis of political motives.

1. Can lead to a toxic and divisive political environment.
2. May divert attention from the substantive issues at hand. 3. Fuels negative and personal attacks, undermining constructive dialogue.
4. Politicians may use such accusations as distractions, avoiding addressing genuine concerns.
5. Difficult to prove or disprove accusations of selling conscience for money, which can result in a prolonged and inconclusive debate.


In a quick retort to Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra’s comment about his degree, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey stated that the focus should be on whether or not Ms. Moitra raised questions in Parliament for financial gain, rather than his education or the Adani Group.