Is it normal for your girlfriend to work over 100 hours a week while you’re concerned about being labeled lazy?

– Your girlfriend’s strong work ethic is admirable.
– She may be driven and ambitious, which can lead to personal and professional growth. – Working over 100 hours a week shows dedication and commitment. – It demonstrates her ability to handle high pressure situations.

– Working such long hours can lead to burnout and exhaustion. – It may strain her physical and mental health.
– Spending excessive time at work may negatively affect your relationship.
– You might feel neglected or disconnected due to the lack of quality time together.

Pros of her looking for a new challenge:
– It indicates her desire for personal and professional growth. – She may be seeking fresh opportunities to expand her skills and knowledge. – A new challenge can prevent her from becoming stagnant in her career. – It could lead to exciting experiences and valuable connections.

Cons of her looking for a new challenge:
– It may disrupt stability and routine in both her personal and professional life. – The search for a new challenge could be time-consuming and stressful.
– It might create uncertainty and financial insecurity if she leaves her current job. – You may have to adapt to changes and make adjustments in the relationship.


Seeking a fresh opportunity, she is currently in search of an exhilarating new endeavor.