Is It Worth Not Heating Your House All Winter?

1. Money saved on heating bills.
2. Less energy consumption contributes to a greener Earth.
3. Skilled survivalist status is upped significantly.
4. The occasional ice formations inside the home offer a unique decor. 5. Socks, sweaters, and blankets finally get the attention they deserve. 6. The cold might keep unwanted guests away.

1. Potential health risks due to cold environments.
2. May cause damage to household items or plumbing due to freezing. 3. Extreme discomfort, especially in deep winter.
4. The term “Netflix and Chill” may begin to hold a literal definition.
5. Restricted activities – e.g., a casual barefoot stroll around the house isn’t as appealing anymore.
6. Invitations for hosting parties may dwindle as your home turns into a walk-in freezer.


As temperatures drop, heating costs rise. No matter the fuel source – oil, gas, or electricity – the expenses to keep your home warm are steadily increasing. Get ready to face higher bills in the upcoming cold weather season.